domenica 30 dicembre 2012

Highlanders of XVII-XVIII century - 18mm height from feet to eyes

I sculpted this range in early 2011 as my first modelling experience.
Since guys of Aquilifer in Rome fell in love with them, so they decided to purchase the whole range and to sell it very soon from their own website. As quick as I can I will post where and how to find them out.
The range is suitable most for the Jacobite uprising up to battle of Culloden, but many poses can fit normally either early or late XVII century like additional figures for English civil war.

 Mounted command

 Foot command

 Light mounted lancers and mounted scottish dragoons

 Charging swordsmen

 Double handed swordsmen

 Clansmen with lochhaber axe


 Charging riflesmen


Artillery crew

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Gengis Khan in 28mm

El Cid Campeador in 28mm

Anatomic studies

Sketches of some anatomic figure concerning men or animals in movement.

 Man heaving a boulder

 Man walking at ordinary speed

 Front legs bones

 The horse

 Front muscles

 Front muscles

 Some horse sketch

 Man heaving boulder

 Horse sketch with 28mm armature dolly

 Man walking with boulder on shoulder

 Men wrestling

Man lifting boulder